O Cameroon, Cradle of our Forefathers

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O [Cameroon]], Adiga oo ka mid ah Aabayaasheenna,
Shirkadda Quduuska ah ee halkaa ku yaala waxay hadda soo celinayaan,
Ilmahooda iyo dhiiggooda, oo dhadhamiya ciiddaada,
Oo buurahaagana waxaa lagu daajiyey dooxooyin.
Gacaliye Waddanka, qiimahaagu maaha inaad sheegto!
Sideen weligaa u bixin karnaa bixintaada?
Badbaadadaada ayaan ku guuleysan doonaa hawsha iyo jacaylka iyo nabadda,
Magacaagu weligiisba wuxuu noqon doonaa run!
Land of Promise, dhul ammaan leh!
Adiga, nolosha iyo farxadda, dukaanka kaliya!

Waa inaad ahaataa sharaf leh, ee xaqnimadaada,

Xoogaa qoto dheer, weligeed ah.
Laga soo bilaabo [[Shari River River], meesha laga soo galo Mungo
Laga soo bilaabo bangiyada hooseeya [Boumba River | Boumba Stream]],
Wiilashaada ku soo dhowaada oo ku soo dhowaada,
Mighty sida [Mount Cameroon | Mountain Buea]] inay noqdaan kooxdooda;
Iskuday iyaga oo jacaylka siyaabo qiiro leh,
Xasuuso khaladaadka hore;
Foster, for [[Afrika | Hooyo Afrika], daacadnimo
Xaqiiqdaasi waa inay ahaataa tan ugu dambaysa.


English lyrics French lyrics English translation of French lyrics[1]
O Cameroon, Thou Cradle of our Fathers,
Holy Shrine where in our midst they now repose,
Their tears and blood and sweat thy soil did water,
On thy hills and valleys once their tillage rose.
Dear Fatherland, thy worth no tongue can tell!
How can we ever pay thy due?
Thy welfare we will win in toil and love and peace,
Will be to thy name ever true!
Land of Promise, land of Glory!
Thou, of life and joy, our only store!
Thine be honour, thine devotion,
And deep endearment, for evermore.
From Shari, from where the Mungo meanders
From along the banks of lowly Boumba Stream,
Muster thy sons in union close around thee,
Mighty as the Buea Mountain be their team;
Instil in them the love of gentle ways,
Regret for errors of the past;
Foster, for Mother Africa, a loyalty
That true shall remain to the last.

Ô Cameroun berceau de nos ancêtres,
Va debout et jaloux de ta liberté,
Comme un soleil ton drapeau fier doit être,
Un symbole ardent de foi et d'unité.
Que tous tes enfants du Nord au Sud,
De l'Est à l'Ouest soient tout amour,
Te servir que ce soit le seul but,
Pour remplir leur devoir toujours.
Chère Patrie, Terre chérie,
Tu es notre seul et vrai bonheur,
Notre joie et notre vie,
En toi l'amour et le grand honneur.
Tu es la tombe où dorment nos pères,
Le jardin que nos aïeux ont cultivé.
Nous travaillons pour te rendre prospère,
Un beau jour enfin nous serons arrivés.
De l'Afrique sois fidèle enfant
Et progresse toujours en paix,
Espérant que tes jeunes enfants
T'aimeront sans bornes à jamais.
O Cameroon cradle of our ancestors,
Go, upright and jealous of your freedom.
As the sun, let your flag be proud,
A symbol of ardent faith and unity,
May all your children, from North to South
From East to West, live in love!
May serving you be their sole purpose
To fulfill their duty forever.
Dear Fatherland, dear land,
You are our only true happiness.
Our joy, our life
To you, love and the greatest honor.
Thou art the grave where our fathers sleep,
The garden that our ancestors have cultivated.
We work to make you prosperous
One good day we will finally get there.
Be Africa's faithfull child
And always advance peace
Hoping that your children
Love you without limit forever.
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